Bianca Noka

Bianca Noka is a young vocalist and self taught musician who currently gigs in and around the Gold Coast. She has pursued her career, taking every opportunity to learn and understand her craft. Wanting to ensure a professional yet relatable website she requested a minimalist design website for professionalism with a heavy focus on social media connections. Home Page

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Minimalist Design

The clean and simplistic designs are all the rage at the moment. The use of shades instead of colours is quite pleasant and uncomplicated, giving a clean and professional online presence.


Social Network Connections

Bianca was interested in creating a website to capture potential clients whilst also pointing fans to her social media pages. Clear social media icons and blog page makes it easy for fans to navigate.


Easy Editing

Miss Noka has access to simple website login for easy blog posting, including simultaneous posting from the website to social media pages.


Customised Mobile Design

Mobile access is more likely than desktop for so a customised mobile phone design was chosen.



For all businesses branding is so important. Heavy featuring of Bianca’s logo suited the marketing strategy and design brief.