Our Mission

About richey.design

richey.design is a small but friendly online service provider that is based in Sunny Queensland. The business started in 2015 and exists to help anyone get their product, service or idea online to reach their desired audience, We’re here to look after your online presence so you can focus on what you know best.


Your online footprint is an extremely important part of your business. It has the power to slingshot your idea higher than you could ever imagine. richey.design exists to help make this easier for you. You have come up with a brilliant idea that the world needs to know about, let us do the hard work to get the world’s attention.

Design Methodology

richey.design focuses on modern and contemporary designs incorporating all the latest design standards and systems. We integrate touch screen elements and prioritise designs for enhanced mobile user experience. We ensure that all websites created by richey.design would work intuitively with both current and future devices.

Google’s Material Design methodology is a big influence of richey.design. For an understanding of what Material Design is and how it has evolved from a mobile user interface to an industry standard for both applications and websites, please visit this website and have a look at this video case study into Material Design.