The Bait Place

The Bait Place (BP Yamba, NSW) is a family owned independent business situated beside the banks of the mighty Clarence River. It is a local bait and tackle shop, as well as a BP Fuel Service Station, carrying a wide range of fishing tackle and chandlery. They focus on local and desired to have a ‘one stop’ website, for people traveling to yamba. Home Page

Home Page Live Bar Camera

Live Bar Camera


Weather Integration

The Bait Place wanted to make it easy for travellers to access local information, especially fishing related. The weather integration, including tides, was a nice way to ensure regular website visitors.


Live Camera Feed

Every local boater knows to check the bar when travelling outside the mouth of the river. Integration with the local maritime authority’s live camera feed is a great feature for anyone looking to fish in the ocean.


Local Events

Highlighting a few local events is a great way of supporting the local community and creating regular interest on the website. The Bait Place can easily log on to update information as needed.


360˚ Store Photo

Using the latest technology we created a 360˚ photo of inside the store. Giving people a virtual walk through shows the diversity of The Bait Place store, adjusting preconceived ideas of this local petrol station.


Location Map

When people discover a great business online, one of their first questions is ‘How do I get there?’. This simple google maps integration implanted in the website’s footer makes The Bait Place easy to find no matter which page you’re on.