I Do Wedding Deals

Gillian is the founder of I Do Wedding Deals and is passionate about helping couples save money for their weddings. I Do Wedding Deals is a central location for connecting couples to free coupons for great deals, discounts and promotions from selected wedding vendors. She asked for a redesign of her existing website.

IDoWeddingDeals.com Home Page

Home Page Slider

IDoWeddingDeals.com Home Page2

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IDoWeddingDeals.com Categories Page

Categories Page

IDoWeddingDeals.com eCommerce Store

eCommerce Store


Interactive Slider

The home page features a full width interactive slider which is eye catching and useful for sale items or highlighted vendors.


Dynamic Featured Vendor Section

The home page also includes a section with 3 panels to highlight 3 special vendors. This is easily updated regularly by Gillian as offers and priorities change.


Icon Searching

The use of icons for each category makes searching easy and enticing.


Customised eCommerce Store

An effective eCommerce store is important to any online seller with simplicity and security being a high priority. I Do Wedding Deals is unique because it trades free coupon download with the clients name and email address for further contact via mailchimp.


Mailchimp Integration

Mailchimp is an email marketing service provider. The eCommerce store was connected with Mailchimp for future professional email marketing, encouraging repetitious clients.