Geraldine Paterson

Geraldine Paterson is a writer who has authored a number of books and more recently musicals. She requested a website which would display all of her work especially the ability to sell her books online through CreateSpace and Kindle. Being a creative person herself, she wanted to ensure a creative website to reflect her work appropriately. Home Page

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Floating Navigation Bar

When visiting the website the navigation bar immediately appears at the bottom of the page, below the featured image. As you scroll through the home page the navigation bar moves with you to rest on top of the page throughout. This was a nice added feature to creatively display the essential information.


Customised eCommerce Store

An effective eCommerce store is important to any online seller with simplicity and security being a high priority. Trading with reputable companies was important to Geraldine who requested sales only through CreateSpace and Kindle.


Easy Editing

Geraldine Paterson has access to simple website login for easy blog posting. Getting a little personal is always engaging for followers. A blog page is often fun especially for writers wanting to express something short and sweet.